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What is DoctorsManagement University?
DoctorsManagement University (DMU) is an innovative and dynamic organization with a mission to deliver educational opportunities suitable for clinical and administrative professionals and staff in the pursuit of fast, cost effective, and comprehensive practice management training. Because business education is often not a part of the curriculum for healthcare providers and staff, DMU’s programs offer a way to bridge that gap through convenient, self-paced, and affordable internet-based classes. Our online training programs and other products focus on the essentials of medical practice management success, including: growing profitability, managing risk, practice operations, information technology, and positioning for future growth. The parent company of DMU is DoctorsManagement, LLC, headquartered in Knoxville, TN.
What specifically can DMU offer me in medical practice management training?
DMU offers practice management certification programs as well as a- la-carte learning opportunities and products to advance current and aspiring medical practice managers, staff members, medical residents and fellows, providers and others in the "Business of Medicine."

The current cornerstone of our program is the Certified Medical Practice Manager (CMPM®) program. It is a self-paced, internet-based training format which consists of twenty-one educational sessions and the CMPM® Exam. All of which when completed in the convenience of your home or office, lead to the designation of Certified Medical Practice Manager (CMPM®).

DMU will continue to grow as a versatile organization poised to meet the educational needs of persons with a need to know about the “Business of Medicine.”
Can I purchase individual educational videos and products separately from the complete CMPM Certification Training Program?
Yes, we recognize there are those that may not desire to earn the CMPM® designation but do want to learn more about a specific topic(s). Therefore, DMU offers the educational videos without the exam, al-la-carte, as a single video or in a packaged bundle. These videos are available for viewing for a period of 90-days from the date of purchase. Individual products, such as manual(s), CDs, etc., are available for separate purchase as well.
Will I receive a confirmation of any purchase I make from DMU?
Yes, after we receive your purchase order for online classes or materials, you will be sent a confirmation receipt within minutes that lets you know your order was received. If a purchase involves a secured item, such as videos, DMU Membership, CMPM Certification Program, CMPM Exam, etc., as appropriate, separate emails will be sent to you with your DMU Membership ID, User Name and Login Password.
Who teaches the curriculum at DMU?
The comprehensive DMU video curriculum incorporates the experience and knowledge of healthcare industry experts from DoctorsManagement, national healthcare corporations and other professionals with extensive careers in their perspective fields of expertise.
How do I earn and maintain my CMPM® certification?
The DMU self-paced CMPM online program is challenging, yet convenient, allowing you to prepare in the convenience of your home or office and at your own pace. Here is how to get started:

Step 1 – Become a member of DoctorsManagement University

When you register online to start your studies and pay the tuition fee online, your first year of DMU Membership automatically begins at no additional charge. DMU members will receive a unique membership ID number, which makes you eligible for discounts on most DoctorsManagement continuing education materials, courses and webinars, and some services. Retain this number as it may be required ib future transactions with DMU.

Step 2 - Prepare for the CMPM® Certification Exam

On the DMU website, the self-paced CMPM Exam Study Hall can be completed. There are 21 educational presentations in this comprehensive online training. You have access to the educational presentations for 180 days from the first time you sign-in to your account. Spend a few minutes here and there or sit down and complete the entire course...the choice is yours! The content covered will help you successfully pass the CMPM Exam. PowerPoint handouts accompany each presentation, along with extra space for your own notes. Utilizing the handouts and your accompanying notes will help you prepare for the exam. We provide the CMPM Study Hall presentations and PowerPoint handouts at a secured site. At the top right-hand corner of most any DMU web page, there is a “Login” button. Click that button and you will then be prompted to enter your email address and unique password (provided at registration) to access the secured site (My Account).

Step 3 - Complete the on-line CMPM® Certification Exam

You are eligible to begin the online CMPM Certification Exam once you are satisfied with your review of the online materials in the CMPM Exam Study Hall. All you have to do is go to the DMU Bookstore (Shopping Cart) to register and pay the one-time CMPM Examination Fee (You do not have to pay the examination fee if you are only wanting to view the CMPM presentations and not desiring CMPM Certification). Be sure to use your DMU Member ID in order to receive a 10% discount!. Once your exam fee has been successfully processed online, you will receive an email. Once the email is received, you will have access to the exam. You have two hours to complete the exam. The questions are in no specific order.

The exam is 105 multiple choice questions. A 80% accuracy rate is required to pass the exam (84 correctly answered questions). You have 180 days from the time you first sign-in to your account to watch the presentations and take the exam. Your two attempts at passing the exam must both fall within the 180 days. There is a two (2) hour limit to take the exam. The questions are in no specific order. You will receive your exam results immediately upon its submission. No waiting for days to know! When a passing score is attained, a Certified Medical Practice Manager (CMPM) Certificate with a gold embossed CMPM medallion will be mailed to you. Good luck!

Step 4 - Maintaining Your CMPM® Certification

In order to maintain the CMPM certification, you must also keep your annual DMU Membership active and attain a total of 40 continuing education hours every two years. For your convenience, a CEU Tracker is available to log your contact hours.
Can I earn the CMPM® certification by successfully passing the Exam without the benefit of the educational presentations?
You may challenge the exam. This is an individual choice and there is no guarantee of passing the exam (not recommended). Moreover, a DMU membership is still required and you must maintain all CMPM requirements to keep the designation current. The Exam is not sold separately.
What can I do with the CMPM® credential?
Many professional opportunities desire or require certification in a particular field. When you pass the CMPM Exam, you earn the designation of “Certified Medical Practice Manager.” It is a professional credential that attests to employers, colleagues, and the general public that you have gone the extra mile to demonstrate your commitment to a body of knowledge and experience necessary to be or possesses the knowledge of a competent medical practice management professional.
Are there annual fees to maintain my CMPM® certification?
Persons who have earned the CMPM® certification must maintain an active DMU membership by annually renewing their membership.
Is continuing education required to maintain my CMPM® certification?
Yes, a total of forty (40) continuing educational contact hours must be documented every two years from the date you pass the online CMPM Exam.
How do I document my continuing education contact hours?
Each CMPM recipient is provided access to a personal CEU Tracker. You gain access to the Tracker by logging into the same “My Account” you accessed for the video curriculum Study Hall. It is here you will document all continuing education contact hours to retain your Certified Medical Practice Manager certification.
What are Continuing Education Contact hours?
DMU gives credit for any minimum 15-minute increment of time spent in educating yourself in the medical practice management body-of-knowledge. The topic must be applicable to medical practice management. Any educational source and associated contact hour(s) can only be documented for credit one time. One (1) hour of education is equivalent to one (1) Continuing Education Contact Hour. Education may be drawn from seminars, webinars, conferences, meetings, publications, class room instruction, etc. Both DMU and other educational resources are acceptable.
Are there printed study materials that come with the training videos and complete CMPM® certification program?
When you invest in any DMU video-training product, handouts of the PowerPoint presentation(s) PDF format is provided. Each set of handouts has space for note taking. You can use the handouts along with your notes as reference materials to study the material.
How do I access the CMPM® Study Hall presentations and CMPM® Exam?
Both are secured sites and each requires a username and password. You will receive by email a username (an email address provided by you at registration) and a password unique to each site. This information will be sent to the email address you provided on the order form. Click the "Login" button at the top right-hand corner of most any DMU webpage. You will be prompted to enter your username and password (provided at registration) to access the site (My Account).
How long does it take to complete the CMPM® curriculum and attempt the online Exam?
The videos can be viewed in about 15 hours if you view them nonstop, though not recommended. The exam consists of 105 multiple choice questions. The length of time it takes to complete the exam depends entirely on how long it takes the student to answer the questions and how well he or she knows the material. A maximum of two hours is allowed to complete the exam. The questions are in no specific order.
How long do I have access to the Study Hall and Exam?
You have 180 days from the time you first sign-in to your account to watch the presentations and take the exam. Your two attempts at passing the exam must both fall within the 180 days..
How do I access the CEU Tracker and DMU Member Benefits?
Both are on secured sites. You will continue to access your “My Account” by using your same username and password. You have access to both the CEU Tracker and DMU Member Benefits, despite the expiration of your access to any videos or Exam.
Am I able to tell when I’m getting close to the expiration date for accessing the Study Hall and/or Exam?
Yes, both the Study Hall and Exam landing page shows your date of expiration in the upper left hand corner. No additional notices are provided.
Once I start the online Exam, do I have to complete it in one sitting?
Yes, you have two hours to complete the exam.
How many times can I take the CMPM® Exam?
A student may attempt the Exam a maximum of two (2) times during a 180 day period, measured from the date you first sign-in to your account.
When will I know if I pass the Exam?
Students who are not successful in passing the Exam will instantly be shown their score once the Exam is submitted.
Will I know which questions I missed on the Exam?
No, but once you submit the completed exam you will instantly learn your score.
What is a passing score for the CMPM® Exam?
The Exam is 105 multiple choice questions. A 80% accuracy rate is required to pass the Exam (84 correctly answered questions).
Will I receive CEUs?
All educational sessions are eligible for approval for continuing education units (CEUs) by the Professional Association of Health Care Office Managers (PAHCOM) and the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). Check with these and other organizations of choice for credit availability for viewing educational recordings.
Once I pass the CMPM® Exam then what happens?
You will receive your Exam results immediately upon its submission online. No waiting for days to know! When a passing score is attained, a CMPM Certificate with a gold embossed CMPM medallion along with a press release of your achievement will be mailed to you. You will be on file with DMU as a Certified Medical Practice Manager (CMPM®). Recipients of the CMPM designation may maintain the designation by maintaining an active annual DMU membership and documenting 40 hours of continuing education every two years.
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