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Parent Company

The parent company of DMU is DoctorsManagement, a hands-on medical and health care management and consulting firm, which has helped practices in all specialties in virtually every state across America. DoctorsManagement assists providers in implementing systems within their practice to ensure that operations run smoothly, overhead remains low, and revenues are high, while ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care from providers and staff. DoctorsManagement employs in-house experts in medical coding, compliance, HR, and other areas of medical practice management. It is the cooperative relationship that the firm maintains with its clients that enables DoctorsManagement to recognize the importance of DMU’s mission.

DoctorsManagement continues to encourage DMU in its ongoing mission to empower and support practice managers, physicians, residents, support staff, and those individuals interested in preparing for a career change by providing quality web-based practice management education.

"DoctorsManagement is extremely pleased that DMU works to educate so many in the healthcare community about the “business of medicine.” The expertise of these two organizations is a true asset to any medical practice and the medical community as a whole."
- Paul King, President - DoctorsManagement, LLC
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