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The DoctorsManagement School of Medical Practice Management (DM School) was founded by Philip Dickey in 1998 as a division of DoctorsManagement. The DM School found its success in the many talented persons at DoctorsManagement, faculty members from various organizations across the country, and its many students. Its mission was to deliver educational opportunities suitable for clinical and administrative professionals and staff in the pursuit of comprehensive practice management training.

The Certified Medical Practice Manager program, CMPM®, was the cornerstone of the School. It offered on-site training in the comfort of a country club setting, with round table discussions and peer networking. The CMPM goal was to grow participants as medical practice executives, improve practice profitability, raise employee morale, and increase patient satisfaction. The completion of forty hours of instruction, discussion and interactive participation was required to earn the designation of Certified Medical Practice Manager (CMPM®). The Alumni Continuing Education program (ACE) was also established to offer continuing education to the School’s alumni.

In 2010 the DM School answered the need of students to have access to the School’s education without the expense of hotels and travel. The School began to provide a live webcast on the dates the on-site School was is session. These students became known as e-students. That same year, the CMPM Exam, CMPM Study Hall, and CMPM Study Guide were developed. Students were required to pass a comprehensive examination to receive the CMPM® certification. The CMPM Study Hall offered recorded PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and the CMPM Study Manual to students for review prior to taking the comprehensive exam. So, for the first time, students were able to participate, learn, and review for the CMPM Exam entirely on-line. Hundreds of students from all over the country have earned the CMPM® certification by participating in the DoctorsManagemet School of Medical Practice Management.

In 2012, the DM School of Medical Practice Management became DoctorsManagement University – DMU. Given the many years of success the School enjoyed, the growing demand for fast and cost-effective comprehensive practice management training, and with so much moving to web-based only formats, DoctorsManagement answered this need. It did so by offering a fully automated Certified Medical Practice Manager (CMPM®) program complete with high definition video taped educational sessions, online CMPM Exam, and much more. DMU will continue growing as a versatile organization poised to meet the educational needs of all persons with a need to know about the “Business of Medicine.”

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